Why Toyota's Hybrids are Best for Vernon

By: Vernon Toyota   |   24 May 2019
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As Vernon Advances, Hybrid is the Answer

Our city has its eyes set on the future. With a bold community plan in the works, the people of Vernon are looking for ways to move forward in both how we build and how we drive. As carpooling gets more support, other ways to save on fuel are also becoming more popular -- none more so than hybrid models.

Choosing between available hybrids use to be a simple task, but with more and more hybrid options being added to the market every year, making your decision is no longer so easy. Since 2011, Toyota has been committed to hybrid technology after taking the world by storm with our original Prius. Since then, we’ve spent years perfecting our electric/gas synergy, providing the public with all manner of hybrid options to fit every lifestyle.

City or Mountain Driving -- Hybrids Take the Lead

Toyota has worked hard to bring more hybrid models to the 2019 lineup than ever before. We believe that drivers should be rewarded for seeking greener energy -- not forced to compromise. That’s why when you buy from Toyota, you have 7 different vehicle models to pick from, coming in all shapes and sizes.

“Toyota hybrids can operate in electric-only mode, gas-mode only, or a seamless combination of both. It all happens automatically, without the need for driver input. The result? A powertrain that produces up to 70% less smog-forming emissions”


For a classic hybrid experience, look no further than the Prius and Prius C -- fun, sporty cars that make maneuvering through streets a breeze. If you’re worried that these compact vehicles can’t handle mountain life, don’t be. The Prius now comes with AWD-e, an electric all-wheel drive platform that uses smart technology to determine when you need extra power. If your eyes are on the car with the highest fuel efficiency, the Prius Prime delivers, boasting 1.8Le/100 km of travel. This plug-in vehicle has one of the shortest charge times out there coupled with the longest driving range -- a range so long you could drive all the way from Vernon to Vancouver and then right back again without filling up or charging.

Looking for a hybrid that isn’t a Prius? No worries, Toyota understands that drivers need options when it comes to both space and style. New for 2019 is the Corolla hybrid, joining the Camry hybrid in the sedan category. Both models have recently been completely redesigned using a sleek platform that is both wider and lower to the ground. Need something more family-size? The hybrid Highlander is back again, offering you seating for 8 in an SUV that goes easy on the environment. Another new addition to the lineup this year is the RAV4 hybrid, a perfect all-around SUV for life in BC’s interior.

Find Your Hybrid at Vernon Toyota

Ready to get inside these exciting hybrids? At Vernon Toyota, we can answer any of your hybrid questions, let you test drive models and help you build the hybrid of your dreams. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you make the transition to a greener ride. Browse our hybrid inventory now or visit us to see our advanced electric technology for your own eyes!

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