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Welcome to the Tire Centre at Vernon Toyota. From purchasing the perfect set of seasonal tires to our convenient tire storage, the dedicated staff at our service centre can help keep your vehicle’s tires and alignment in top working condition with all the top Toyota approved tire brands. The Tire Centre is your one stop shop for all your tire needs.

Tire Alignment:

Over time your alignment can be thrown off and cause your vehicle to pull in a certain direction. Have a professional quickly correct your wheel alignment.

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Tire Rotation:

Tire rotations are essential to prolonging the life of your tires. Stay on top of this essential service, rotating your tires every 10,000 km.

$35     Book this Service

Tire Balance:

Keep the balance. If your tires are unbalanced it can lead to vibrations while driving, uneven wear on your tires and possible unsafe driving conditions.

$99.95     Book this Service

Tire Installation:

New tires? Change of season? Have your tires professionally installed to ensure proper balance and safety.

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Tire Storage:

Don’t have the space or time to properly store your off season tires? Take the hassle out of your tire change and store them at the Tire Centre.

$40/season (fall, winter, spring, summer)

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Tire FAQ

Taking care of your tires is an essential part of your vehicle’s overall health. Our expert technicians can help you navigate the wide world of tire care and answer the most frequently asked questions about auto repairs and services. Stay informed with the help of Vernon Toyota.

When should I swap my seasonal tires?

When you are living a cool weather climate, the rule of thumb is to have your winter tires in place when the temperature is predicted to be 7 degrees celsius and lower. Winter tires are designed to give exceptional traction when the exterior temperature dips below 7 degrees and this is the ideal temperature to have them changed over.

How do I know when my tire tread depth is too low?

You should consider replacing your tires (especially if wet road conditions are common) when the tread reaches a depth of 5/32". Once you reach the depth of 4/32" to 3/32", it is time to replace or closely monitor your tires' wear.

What's the difference between winter and all season tires?

Tires meant for different weather conditions are comprised of different tread depths and rubber compounds. All of these design features are meant to react to specific weather and road conditions.

What does it mean when my Tire Pressure Monitor light comes on?

The TPM warning light comes on to indicate that one or more of your tires has a tire pressure under 25% of its recommended pressure. When this happens, it’s time to top up your tires are your local service centre or gas station to ensure your traction and stability are not compromised.

I have all-wheel drive. Which of my tires will wear down the fastest?

If your alignment is correct, the back tires on your rear wheel drive vehicle will wear a little quicker than your front tires. When rotating the tires on a rear wheel drive, move the rear tires to the front but keep them on the same side. Having an expert technician rotate your tires for you is recommended to ensure proper alignment.

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