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If you’re looking to finance a vehicle, but you have bad credit, you’ve come to the right place. The finance team here at Vernon Toyota specialize in helping secure car loans for people with bruised credit, bad credit, and even those with no credit at all.

Credit challenges are more common than you think

We understand that bad things can happen to good people, so no matter the reason for your credit issues, we can help. Credit challenges shouldn’t keep you from driving a quality vehicle - bad credit auto loans are within reach. Apply for a car loan today even if you have bad credit. We’ll get you driving again.


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Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson
Sales Manager


Oliver Orlie

Oliver Orlie
Sales Manager


Art Brienen

Art Brienen
Finance Manager

Trust the Experts

All dealerships have a finance department, but few have a team of experts who specialize in securing auto loans for people with bad credit. You’re not alone. Art, Kyle, and Oliver have years of experience helping individuals with credit problems get affordable auto loans that fit their budget. Contact our finance team today - they will give you free advice on how to improve your credit score and work hard to get you behind the wheel of a quality pre-owned vehicle.


Any Credit Circumstance 

Whether you’ve gone through a divorce or separation that has taken its toll on your credit; had to deal with unexpected medical bills; suffered a bankruptcy; or any other unfortunate circumstance, our finance team can help. Even if you’re a new immigrant or student without no credit at all, there’s a good chance we can get you an auto loan for a reliable vehicle. Apply for a car loan with bad credit right now and see how easy it is to improve your credit and get behind the wheel of a quality pre-owned vehicle.

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A vehicle can make the hectic life of a student a lot easier. Even if you have no credit, we can likely get you a car loan. Don’t delay, apply today!



There are endless reasons people go bankrupt. Financial issues shouldn’t keep you from driving a reliable vehicle. We can help, contact us today!


New to Canada

A reliable vehicle will make adjusting to your new home more enjoyable. Even if you don't have a credit rating in Canada yet, we can likely help.


Long Term Disability

Accidents and unexpected medical bills can take their toll on your finances. If you’re on long term disability and need a reliable vehicle to get around, contact us today.



A divorce or separation can really harm your finances. From lawyers fees to time off work, and potentially an unfavourable settlement. If you need a quality vehicle, we can help. Apply today.

Info Credit Tips

It’s never too late to start improving your credit score. The Office of Consumer Affairs has a few tips to help you start moving that credit rating in the right direction:

  • Always pay your bills on time. Although the payment of your utility bills, such as phone, cable and electricity, is not recorded in your credit report, some cell phone companies may report late payments to the credit-reporting agencies, which could affect your score.

  • Try to pay your debts as quickly as possible.

  • Try to pay your bills in full by the due date. If you aren't able to do this, pay at least the required minimum amount shown on your monthly credit card statement.

  • Don't go over the credit limit on your credit card. Try to keep your balance well below the limit. The higher your balance, the more impact it has on your credit score.

  • Reduce the number of credit applications you make. If too many potential lenders ask about your credit in a short period of time, this may have a negative effect on your score. However, your score does not change when you ask for information about your own credit report.

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