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Is your vehicle ready for the season's weather? Having the right tires on your car, truck, van, or SUV is incredibly important all-year-long. Winter Tires are designed to provide grip and control in lower temperatures, and summer tires are designed to connect best with the road when there isn't the chance of ice and slush. Whatever season you're shopping in, we're here to help you get the right tires for your vehicle and drive off into the sunset.

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Tire sales:

We carry a selection of high-quality tires from a wide range of manufacturers. From small cars to big trucks and everything in between, we have tire options for your vehicle. Contact us today for advice on what tire is right for you.


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Tire storage:

Why clutter up your garage or basement with your off-season tires when you can store them here at Vernon Toyota. For a small fee we’ll take the hassle out of tire storage, keeping them safe and secure until you need them again.

$40/season (fall, winter, spring, summer)

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Tire balance:

If your tires are unbalanced it can lead to vibrations while driving, uneven wear on your tires and possible unsafe driving conditions. Don’t put yourself in this situation, let us balance your tires so you can have peace-of-mind and a smooth, safe drive. Only: $84.85

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Tire installation:

New tires? Need your tires put on for the season? Having your tires professionally installed is crucial for a smooth, problem-free ride. We'll mount and balance all four wheels. Let us install your tires quickly and professionally.

Only: $109.95

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Tire alignment:

Over time your vehicle’s alignment can be thrown off by rough roads, potholes, and other obstacles. If you’re experiencing a rougher ride than normal, or your car is pulling to one side or another it’s likely time to have your tires aligned.

Now $137.50 

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Tire rotation: 

Tire rotations are essential to prolonging the life of your tires. Stay on top of this important service by rotating your tires every 10,000 km.

Only: $47.43


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Tire FAQ

Taking care of your tires is an essential part of your vehicle’s overall health. Our expert technicians can help you navigate the wide world of tire care and answer the most frequently asked questions about auto repairs and services. Stay informed with the help of Vernon Toyota. 

When should I swap my seasonal tires?

When you are living a cool weather climate, the rule of thumb is to have your winter tires in place when the temperature is predicted to be 7 degrees celsius and lower. Winter tires are designed to give exceptional traction when the exterior temperature dips below 7 degrees and this is the ideal temperature to have them changed over. As a general rule of thumb for putting your summer tires on, wait until you're confident the final snowfall has passed and the temperature creeps up above 7 degrees again.

How do I know when my tire tread depth is too low?

You should consider replacing your tires (especially if wet road conditions are common) when the tread reaches a depth of 5/32". Once you reach the depth of 4/32" to 3/32", it is time to replace or closely monitor your tires' wear.

What's the difference between winter and all-season tires?

Tires meant for different weather conditions are made of different tread depths and rubber compounds. All of these design features are meant to react to specific weather and road conditions. Below 7 degrees celsius, all season tires begin to lose their grip and effectiveness. Driving on winter tires in the hot summer months, on the other hand, will see them wear down quicker than summer tires, limiting their useful lifespan and costing you excess money. Not to mention, using winter tires in the summer months can make your vehicle eat more gas.

What does it mean when my Tire Pressure Monitor light comes on?

The TPM warning light comes on to indicate that one or more of your tires has a tire pressure under 25% of its recommended pressure. When this happens, it’s time to top up your tires at your local service centre or gas station to ensure your traction and stability are not compromised. Always check the tire pressure guidelines that are written on the tires themselves and adhere to the tire manufacturer's recommendations. 

I have all-wheel drive. Which of my tires will wear down the fastest?

If your tires are aligned, the back tires on your rear wheel drive vehicle will wear a little quicker than your front tires. When rotating the tires on a rear wheel drive vehicle, move the rear tires to the front but keep them on the same side. Having an expert technician rotate your tires for you is recommended to ensure proper alignment.

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