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When making the decision to purchase a Toyota, you may find yourself wondering, does Toyota offer an extended warranty package? Rest assured -- the answer is yes! Vernon Toyota is proud to offer Toyota's Extra Care Protection on vehicles up to 9 years of age (model year included). This comprehensive plan gives you the reassurance you need that your purchase will age gracefully as time passes.

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What Does ECP Include?

When choosing a protection plan with Vernon Toyota, you’ll want to determine your needs from the start. Including an ECP plan with your vehicle purchase within 31 days will give you the bonus of the ECP Oil & Filtre Service/Inspection Program -- meaning you get up to 8 free oil changes, a free tire rotation and 3 years of maintenance services!

But the most important feature of the Extra Care Protection Plans is that your Toyota's powertrain and major components are covered. These are the most important parts of your vehicle, so having them function properly ensures smooth sailing ahead.

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ECP Goes Beyond the Parts

Purchasing an Extra Care Protection plan gets you so much more than parts coverage. Both the Gold and Platinum plans extend the roadside assistance that comes with all new vehicles. How does this coverage help you? If you’re planning to hit the slopes at Revelstoke and, while you’re there, the unexpected happens, not only will any part malfunction be covered, but any hotel, food and transportation you need while things are getting sorted out will be paid for up to $300!

No matter where you find yourself, with ECP’s extended Roadside Assistance, you’ll never be alone. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Toyota will be there to line up towing, battery changes, gas fill-ups and many other services to get you back on the open road.

Which Warranty Plan is for Me?

So -- you know how amazing our Extra Care Protection is. Now, all that’s left is to determine which plan suits your needs (and vehicle) the best.

For the pinnacle of extended coverage, opt for the Platinum Plan, which covers the greatest number of parts for up to 7 years -- or 200,000 kms -- on new Toyota purchases. Our Gold Plan provides the same length of protection while covering 17 of the major mechanical component groups.

Buying used? You can still get the peace of mind that our ECP plans provide, with four different used vehicle packages varying in term length and parts coverage

Pick Your Plan

To learn more about our Extra Care Protection plans or to add this protection on your next Toyota purchase, get in touch with our experts. We’ll make sure you receive the plan that works best for you -- and that you know how to access all of the benefits that your plan comes with!

Vernon Toyota is here for you throughout the life of your Toyota -- not just at the time of purchase. Let us help you schedule maintenance and vehicle inspections to ensure that everything stays running in prime condition.

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