Summer Accessories that You Need for Your Next Adventure

By: Vernon Toyota   |   08 Jun 2018
Man closing the trunk of his 2018 4Runner

Outside of the sun shining and time with the family there’s only one thing that can make a good summer a great one, being fully prepared for it.

Make sure you’re starting out your summer adventures ready for anything that comes your way by prepping your vehicle for the activities you have in mind.

Thule Sidekick


There’s creature comforts you need for the cottage, there’s gear you need for a weekend camping trip, and there’s a full blown armoury you’ll need to pack for the kids soccer tournament on the weekend.And there’s a place you can store it all that isn’t in your Toyota, but on it. The Thule Sidekick (shown above) weighing in at only 34 kilograms empty adds an extra 227 Litres of storage to any road trip. Enough to upgrade your weekend from underprepared to overprepared. Which we think is a much more comfortable way to travel.

And if you’re looking to take a two wheeled adventure Thule also makes a line of rugged bike racks that adds wheels to your weekend.


You bet we’re talking about garbage, because if you spend more than 25 minutes in the car with your crew there will be plenty of evidence left behind. The solution to the problem can be as simple as a plastic shopping bag, but there’s better options that are reusable as well. The Talus High Road Pop might be right up your alley. It’s leakproof, it can hang off the back of a seat or stand up on its own on the floor, and it compacts down to a size not much bigger than a frisbee when your weekend of fun in the sun has come to a close. Nobody wants to spend the failing light of a Sunday night crawling in the car hunting for antique granola bar wrappers. There are weekend souvenirs to be had that are much more fun have.

And if it’s garbage falling down the sides of your seats that you fear the most there’s a solution for that as well. The Drop Stop slides in place along seats to make sure that no summer road trip french fries are lost in the abyss below your seat. A very good way to prevent any fossilized french fries in your future.


Think of the upholstery!

Keeping the interior of a car spotless feels like an uphill battle. The first thing that comes to mind is the salt of winter assaulting your interior, but don’t forget to guard against the tears of summer… SWEAT! Weathertech makes a variety of seat covers that will protect your car from the dirt and sweat that comes with summer activities. With a durable water repellent coating your seats will stay fresh even if an overzealous puppy takes an unscheduled pre-car ride swim in the lake.

Keeping your car ready is just as important as keeping our community ready for summer. That’s why we were so excited to partner up with the indoor sports centre at Marshall Field. 3,500 registered soccer players have the opportunity to hone their skills for summers to come. The athletes of Vernon are ready for summer, and with the few easy tips your car will be too.

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