What is Entune 3.0?

By: Vernon Toyota   |   28 Sep 2019
Man driving in Camry with Entune on

An Infotainment Centre in a Class of its Own

It’s the age of technology. We’re one fifth deep into the 21st century and it’s time for our cars to step it up. While we may not be cruising around in hovercrafts or relying totally on AI to drive us around, the people of Vernon still deserve amazing tech from their vehicles. That’s where Entune 3.0 comes in -- Toyota’s latest and greatest infotainment centre.

Gone are the days of being impressed with a 6-CD FM radio. We carry around super-fast mini-computers in our pockets and have robots that can turn on our favourite jams just by using the sound of our voice. It’s high time our cars caught up with every other part of our lives and, thankfully, the engineers at Toyota agree. 

Close up of Entune 3.0 infotainment centre

Entune starts with the basics -- bringing you an amazing sound system bolstered with 11 JBL speakers and pairing it with a smart selection of driving apps accessible right from your dashboard touchscreen. Journey anywhere in BC with the help of Traffic, Weather and Fuel, getting you the info you need on the road based on your GPS location. Prefer your own apps? Toyota now offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on select 2020 models, giving you instant access to your entire phone with just one simple USB plug. 

Where Entune really shines in how it can protect your family. With Safety Connect, help is always just a button away, with live assistants available 24 hours a day. If you’re unable to press the “SOS” button yourself in the event of an accident, the centre will be dialled in automatically when the airbags detonate. The live agents will contact first responders based on your GPS location and ensure you’re taken care of no matter what mountain pass you’re travelling on. 

For the luxury lovers out there, Entune 3.0 also features a system called “Destination Assist”, where once again you have live agents on-call 24/7, except this time, they’re at your beck and call. They’ll find locations near you or provide recommendations on spots you just can’t miss (like Los Huesos Restaurant -- am I right?) and send the GPS details straight to your Toyota’s nav system. 

Two Toyota Highlanders drive down a road

So, how do you get in on this groundbreaking technology? Entune 3.0 is available now on select 2019 and 2020 Toyota models. With this capable infotainment centre at your fingertips, driving down Highway 97 will seem like a vacation in itself. Experience a more convenient way to travel by adopting Entune into your life. Speak with our team at Vernon Toyota today to find out more about our exciting lineup of Toyotas or stop by for a test-drive and experience the difference for yourself!

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