5 Reasons Why Your Next Car Should be a Toyota

By: Vernon Toyota   |   01 Jun 2022

Thinking about buying a new car? Even if you aren’t, you’ll still want the best use of your money. While we might be a bit biased here at Vernon, out of all the brands out there, we believe Toyota may well be your best bet for a new vehicle.

With their commitment to quality, dependability, and fuel efficiency - not to mention affordability - they deserve a long-standing reputation for building great vehicles. Here are just some reasons you should consider buying a Toyota.

1. Safety and Reliability

Ranked number three in the world for safety, following Volvo and Mercedes, Toyota is famous for making some of the safest vehicles in the world. You can rest assured that these machines will reliably get you from point A to point B, whether you’re dropping the kids off at school or heading out of town on a weekend road trip. You want to be able to drive your car for as long as you can before you need to turn it in for a new one. Not to mention when it does need to be replaced, you can do it without breaking the bank!

2. Quality Vehicles

There always seems to be a bit of a question surrounding quality in regards to vehicles. Some brands are known for making reliable cars that are of a quality that could last for years. Other brands are known for the opposite – for making cheap cars that break down at the first opportunity. Toyota is a brand that does not fall into either of those categories. Toyota makes high-quality vehicles that are also highly reliable. If you have to choose, quality and reliability should be your non-negotiables in a car.

3. Competitive Prices

Toyota has managed to keep its prices low despite the recent economic downturn. You can tell the company is willing to work hard for the consumer because of its competitive pricing. The Toyota name has always been synonymous with affordable, gas-efficient vehicles that are as reliable as they are efficient. That’s why you see so many Toyota’s on the road today!

4. Toyota Extra Care Protection

The Toyota Extra Care Protection program is a comprehensive extended warranty plan that gives you the reassurance you need that your purchase will age gracefully as time passes. Including an ECP plan with your vehicle purchase within 31 days will give you the bonus of the ECP Oil & Filtre Service/Inspection Program -- meaning you get up to 8 free oil changes, a free tire rotation and 3 years of maintenance services!

5. A Variety of Models

From mighty pickup trucks to adventure-ready SUVs to sporty sedans, Toyota’s lineup of vehicles has something for everyone. Versatile features and an array of conveniences allow Toyota to appeal to a large variety of drivers. Whether you need a hefty hauler like the Tundra, an off-roading machine like the 4Runner, or an eco-friendly hybrid like the Prius, you’re guaranteed to find a Toyota that matches your lifestyle!

Test Drive Your Next Toyota at Vernon!

What’s not to like about Toyota? You’re getting a safe, reliable car that is competitively priced and that is made by an incredibly reliable company. Toyota vehicles have been around for decades, and they have such a good reputation that they continue to sell well. 

Vernon Toyota is your trusted source for dependable and affordable vehicles in Okanagan! No matter what kind of Toyota you’re looking for,  we ́ve got just the right new or used vehicle for you. Check out our inventory of Toyota vehicles today!

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